Tark Systems is a group of members dedicated to empower the world with unique technologies and solutions unleashing best of the talents . We at Tark systems work towards delivering best of the innovations for better lives. To use our pioneering spirit to unlock the potentials of technology so that we can deliver innovative solutions to the world and improve the qualities of lives.Our technologies transform and help people make their lives easier and healthier. We also develop systems to provide security, surveillance, and produce green energy.

Tark systems taps the string of technology that deals in multiple fields hence have a greater reach and growth. It targets an ever growing industry which is part of every field.

Developments Under Tark Systems:
SURP - Our Robotics branch deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. This is where we put our thoughts to work. Surp is a robot that resembles and moves like a biological snake, purely by flexing its body. This serpentine robot comes in many shapes and size - long snake bots, earthquake snake bots and medical snake bots that are small enough to maneuver around organs inside a human body.

Smart watch:
We develop and design versatile Smart watches and bands that are your constant companion in your fitness and help you to track it and lead a healthy life. It is designed to fit in any occasions. We have developed our Smart watches keeping safety in mind, so that you don't have to take your mobile to check notification and messages.