Surp is a robot that resembles and moves like a biological snake, purely by flexing its body. This serpentine robot comes in many shapes and sizes - long snakebots, earthquake snakebots, and medical snakebots that are small enough to maneuver around organs inside a human chest cavity. Surps are most useful in situations where their unique characteristics give them an advantage over their environment, including long and thin pipe-like structures, or highly cluttered rubble. Considering this, Surp is currently being developed to assist search and rescue teams. The usefulness and advantage of Surp is not restricted to a particular field but can be engineered to be used in wide range of fields right from those working at ground level to any advanced technology working in the sky or beyond. to earth till sky. This report describes the key uses of Surp in multiple aspects field. The report describes the innovation used and usefulness of the Surp system in various platforms and giving the overall image of the system.

Surp is Versatile