Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to charge the watch?? I haven’t received any charging cable with the box??

Answer: The watch doesn’t need any cable to charge the watch. The watch is USB charged. Remove the strap with USB design on it, pull it and detach to find the USB. Connect the USB to Laptop,PC or Power bank.

2. The watch doesn’t charge even on plugging in the USB.

Answer: Make sure the USB connectors are connected properly, since the USB port is a naked port sometimes the port is connected on the opposite side by the user.

3. The ECG and BP option keeps skipping or get closed??

Answer: In the App-> setting-> connected-> Skin color, Select the appropriate skin color according to your skin texture. For some people the ECG and BP still skips in that case select the last option if the Skin color.

Note: The ECG and BP reading will be affected by density of hairs on the skin/wrist, Dirt on skin, dirt of the light sensor. Make sure while checking the ECG and BP the module is pressed firmly on the wrist so that the light from the sensor doesn’t escape.

4. What is the accuracy of the device??

Answer: The device uses a Medical grade chip to measure the readings, as per our test the accuracy lies between +-7 when properly used as per the guidance.

5. Can I share/save the readings??

Answer: Yes the ECG reading can be shared and saved in the phone. The readings are saved as JPG file in the gallery the same can be shared be doctor or family.

6. What is the warranty on the product??

Answer: The product come with a warranty of 6 month with no external/water damaged covered. Refund and Replacement is as per the policies.

7. What is the material of the Strap and Electrodes made of?

Answer: The strap is made up of Skin friendly TPU silicone material which is resistant to dirt and sweat. The electrode material is treated metal which is gentle on skin and resistant to corrosion.